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Diseases essays

Diseases essays There are many different kinds communicable diseases. Small pox happens to be one of them. The cause of it is contact with the person who has it. It is also caused by a virus. This means just being around the person who has it. No direct contact is needed. The symptoms of it are a fever and a pimple like rash that grows. The bumps are full of pus which look very gross. Treatments for it are to get a vaccination before you get it or before you start to get a rash. Influenza also known as the flu is also a communicable disease. The cause of it is direct contact with people such as touching other peoples hands. Airborne droplets from infected people is also another way of getting the flu. Symptoms of the flu are, a fever, aches, coughing, tiredness, and weakness of breath. Treatments for it are getting a lot of bed rest, having good nutrition, and drinking plenty of fluids. You can also get a vaccination before you are infected with the virus which protects you from it. Chronic bronchitis is not a communicable disease. It is caused by bacteria, various viruses of the common cold, and smoking. Symptoms if it are a persistent cough, wheezing, respiration, and heaviness in the chest. Treatments for it are trying to reduce the cough which means taking certain kind of cough suppressants. Cerebral palsy is also a non-communicable disease. The cause of it is toxic substances in the mothers body at the time of giving birth and during the pregnancy. A symptom which can lead to the disease is lack of oxygen at birth. Treatments for it are steroids and methotrexate and folic acids. ...

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Report about resolving wildlife conflicts to allow people and wildlife Essay - 1

Report about resolving wildlife conflicts to allow people and wildlife to coexist in aviation - Essay Example Special noise-making devises are used to manage flocks of birds. Special fences protect territories from animals which might be wondering in the search for food (Federal Aviation Administration, 2015). People pay special attention to habitat management because animals which live close to airports create dangerous situations. Special fences, water and waste management policies as well as vegetation control actions are taken to prevent unwanted consequences. There are even landscaping measures used to prevent animals from living close to the industrial objects (Federal Aviation Administration, 2015). Airport staff and special agencies control flora and fauna close to airports to keep these territories safe. At the same time, protective measures are necessary because many animals and birds die if wildlife management policies are not effective. Modern technologies give biologists more chances to make animals and people live together peacefully on one territory. FAA reports prove this fact and show that people care about nature and want to prevent tragedies related to aviation

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Thesis essay on digital media Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Thesis on digital media - Essay Example Youths are consistent users of digital media than any other group in the society. It is considered a natural aspect that youths are so much integrated into digital media. For instance, almost every young person possesses cell phone. Most of these youths do not necessary make calls or send short messages. They only want to feel part of the larger population that has identified itself with the current trends of digital media. On the same note, youths unlike any other groups of the society uses phones among other digital media devices in the most diverse way. In this regard, it is right to assert that digital media is a habit for the youth. The youth has assimilated and embraced digital media quite fast. This has made them used to it, especially in the social aspects of life. Family negotiations are a critical and integral factor in the digital media-youth interaction. It has been deemed to act as a control or autonomy tool in the youth-family affairs. Digital media has made communication, data processing, sending and receiving of information easy. With this, parents and other family members can monitor their youth using digital media devices. On the other hand, the youth counts on the digital media devices as a source of freedom. Although easier and cheap means of communication are provided, ascertaining the credibility of the information given may be challenging. The youth take this advantage to lie about their whereabouts, thereby achieving their autonomy purposes. Digital media has created a whole new world for the youth. The youth expresses a crystalline awareness on digital media. In the social networks context, digital media is not only prosthesis of their body, but of their social competence as well (Aspray 153). When direct communication fails to materialize, then digital media finds its way in account for the loop. Uncomfortable and embarrassing moments for the youth have been

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Peter Waldo and the Waldesians Essay Example for Free

Peter Waldo and the Waldesians Essay The Waldesians, a small community of Christians, originated in Lyon, France in the12th century. According to the Dictionary of Beliefs and Religions they rejected the authority of the pope, prayers for the dead and the veneration of saints. Despite severe persecution and excommunication by the Roman Catholic church over many years they have survived to the present day and have churches in Germany, Italy and in both North and South America. Peter Waldo ( also known as Pierre ( 1160 -1318) is said to have made a fortune by working as a merchant and   by lending money as a usurer, according to ‘The Conversion of Peter Waldo’ an anonymous document of about 1218.    The writer records how, in about 1173 Peter Waldo of Lyon heard a troubadour telling a story. He was enthralled and invited the story teller to his home. Waldo was so affected by what he heard that next day he went to a school of theology and asked what he should do. He was told :- â€Å"If thou wilt be perfect, go and sell all that thou hast, ( Matthew 19 v 21) Waldo asked his wife which she would prefer to keep – his personal property or his real estate. She was not pleased at having to make any choice, but chose the real estate. He then placed his daughters in a convent and distributed the majority of his money, some to those he had misused, but most to the poor of the area. At that time there was a famine and several times each week he provided food for the people. The people thought he was mad. At the time of the Assumption of the blessed Virgin, casting some money among the village poor, he cried, No man can serve two masters, God and mammon. Then his fellow-citizens ran up, thinking he had lost his mind. But he said. :-   My fellow-citizens and friends, I not insane, as you think, but I am avenging myself on my enemies, who made me a slave, so that I was always more careful of money than of God, and served the creature rather than the Creator. I know that many will blame me that I act thus openly. But I do it both on my own account and on yours; on my own, so that those who see me henceforth possessing any money may say that I am mad, and on yours, that you may learn to place hope in God and not in riches. Waldo was very interested in the Bible and in 1160 paid for a translation of it into the Romance language. Waldo began to travel about preaching. H e and his companions were known as ’the poor men of Lyon’. The group promoted pacifism according to Kreider and Yoder in ‘The History of Christianity’. ( page 25). The idea of lay folk, many of them illiterate, living in simple poverty was approved by the papacy at the Third Lateran Council in 1179. The pope did however add the proviso that they obtain permission to preach from local church authorities. At this time Waldo’s ideas were in keeping with the Catholic church. Waldo and his followers, by their poverty showed up the laxity and worldliness of many in the church and in 1181 the Archbishop of Lyon banned them from preaching. In 1184 they were excommunicated by the pope. So what had begun as a popular movement had become heresy in a few years. Although a few former Waldesians were welcomed back into the church the response of the majority   was to establish their own church with all the organization that implies – deacons, priests and bishops. Later they would claim that they were the only true church. They quickly became established in Lombardy and Provence Outbursts by the hierarchy of the Catholic church against unlicensed preaching and the group’s refusal to acknowledge the authority and need for the intermediary role of the clergy only served to make them identify Roman Catholicism as ‘the Great Whore of Babylon’ and thus not worthy of acknowledgement. They considered at that time that the validity o f the sacrament depended upon the worthiness of the celebrant   and as they rejected the worthiness of Catholicism they rejected its priests and sacraments that they administered. Waldesians preferred to study the scriptures for themselves rather than have them interpreted for them by priests as was the rule a the time. Gradually they established churches in most parts of Europe an d became the most widespread of ‘heretic’ groups of the time. They rejected or re-interpreted Catholic sacraments. The eucharist was only celebrated annually and in theory anyone could administer it. The priest became simply ‘a good man’. Most feast days were rejected as not being Biblical . Because they could not find evidence for purgatory within the scriptures they rejected it together with the idea of prayers for the dead. Similar thinking led them to reject saints not mentioned in the Bible. Their ideas became mixed with that of other groups. In southern France for instance they mixed with the ideas of the Cathars. They were so oppressed that there was a crusade against them in 1488 according to Ronald Finucane the pope so feared   what he perceived as a threat to the stability o f the church that an attempt was made to destroy their whole culture. Organised attacks were made upon them in Provence and in Italy. The Waldesians would no t have fought back physically as they condemned war and the shedding of blood. By the time of the Reformation the Waldesians were in contact with many groups across Europe and there was consequently a great exchange of ideas. Many joined local Protestant churches. Gradually they were absorbed into the mainstream of the Protestant Reformation. Not without continued opposition however. In 1655 the Duke of Savoy for instance ordered members to take communion or sell their lands and leave his territory.   After hearing false reports twenty days later a massacre ensued. By this time the Waldesians were worshipping openly in French. In 1685 the king of France Louis XIV renounced the edit of Nantes and so made it illegal to be a Protestant in France. They were under penalty of death or banishment   if they refused to admit that they had been wrong. After the French Revolution the Protestants of Piedmont were finally given religious freedom to worship as they wished and in 1848, the king of Sardinia , who also ruled Savoy gave them full rights, both civil and religious. Today’s Waldesians consider themselves Protestants in the Calvin tradition. They accept the doctrines of mainstream Protestantism and celebrate only two sacraments – baptism and the Eucharist. Authority is exercised by a yearly synod and individual churches by the pastor and a council of members. This is perhaps far removed from one man giving away his wealth and life style for the gospels sake, but the Waldesian church has evolved as all churches do, while at the same time remaining true to its ideals of justice, freedom conscience, and respect for religious diversity. This is exemplified in the American Waldesian Aid Society who carry out such activities as earthquake relief, the care of orphans of war and give help to refugees as well as the formation of Italian language Protestant churches. The fact that they are now considered as a mainstream church can be seen by their close links with the Methodist church and their links with the ecumenical movement . The Waldesians may be numerically a small group,   as they always were , but they were the forerunners of Protestantism and so are worthy of their place in church history. Works cited American Waldesian Aid Society found at and retrieved 13th November 2007 Finucane,R. 1980, The Waldesians in The History of Chrsitianity, Lion Publishing, Hertfordshire. Goring R. ( editor)1992 Chambers Dictionary of Beliefs and Religions, Chambers, Edinburgh. Kreider, A and Yoder, J. 1980, Christians and War in The History of Christianity, Lion Publishing , Hertfordshire. Robinson, J.H.( translator) The Conversion of Peter Waldo found at and retrieved 14th November 2007 Waldesians   found at and retrieved 13th November 2007

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Fear of Death Essay -- Literary Analysis, Gilgamesh

Death it is something we all must face at one point in our lives or another. It is either a death of a loved one, friend or co-worker. Sometimes it’s the devastation from a natural disaster. No matter what makes us face the idea of death it is how we handle this realization that truly matters. When Gilgamesh is faced with the horrendous loss of his dear friend and comrade Enkidu he begins to fear death. In Gilgamesh’s youth he is proud without fear of death, it is not until he watches his friend die that his own mortality becomes a fear. The story begins showing Gilgamesh as a strong warrior as shown when he first meets Enkidu who wants to stop Gilgamesh from having relations with a woman on her wedding night. â€Å"They grappled each other, holding fast like wrestlers, They shattered the doorpost, the wall shook†¦They grappled each other at the door to the wedding, They fought in the street, the public square†¦It was Gilgamesh who knelt for the pin, his foot on the ground† (23). This shows that Gilgamesh is strong and is not afraid to fight. Here the reader is unable to see if he fears death but he faces a challenge head on. This shows a lack of fear of the unknown in regards to a fight. He is sure of himself and knows that he will win regardless of his opponent. As we read further we are told about Gilgamesh wanting to go into to the forest to kill the monster Humbaba. As he and Enkidu are preparing for the fight Enkidu speaks of his concerns in which Gilgamesh responds with â€Å"Here you are, even you, afraid of death†¦If I fall on the way, I’ll establish my name: ‘Gilgamesh, who joined battle with fierce Humbaba’†(26) this gives the idea that Gilgamesh is accepting to death at this point. He is not afraid of death because... ...athe in water, look proudly on the little one holding your hand, Let your mate be always blissful in your loins, This, then, is the work of mankind† (65). Although Gilgamesh may still be afraid of death it is notable to see how the idea of death changes from ones youth to adulthood. We can also see that how one experiences death can determine what they will feel about death. We see that during his youth Gilgamesh was carefree, not afraid to face challenges that could result in death. In fact he enjoyed them and ridiculed those who showed an ounce of fear while facing a battle. As he witnesses his close friend die he begins to fear his own death. He is afraid of wasting away and dieing in bed. At the end he comes to the realization that no matter what he did he cannot escape death and maybe it is time to live instead of worry about death that awaits him.

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Essay Draft

What is needed is essentially a gap, to show that aspects of r sectional thinking can coincide with faith. So the question must be asked; can faith and reason cookie SST? It is absolutely possible for rational thinking to be a part of faith, or more particularly religious s faith. The only point in which faith is irrational, is the initial leap Of faith one takes in order to make the decision. Besides this initial jump of blind faith, where one must fully trust a h Geiger power without complete understanding, every decision after this seemingly irrational I one, has the full capacity for rational thought.Often times thoughts, beliefs, and actions are often labeled as rational or irritate IANAL, but what defines something as rational? Rationality is defined as a pursuit of NAS were through the use of logical discourse and objective criteria. What comes out of this pursuit is w hat humans tend to think is rational. Generally speaking, rationality is what is â€Å"best on the tableâ₠¬ , it s purpose is to provide or attempt to provide, answers to questions based on factual evidence e and through the Kim 2 use of logical discourse and scientific advancements. With scientific advances, what is considered rational and irrational shifts as well.It is through new, changing eve dance that alters rationality. This is why rationality changes throughout the course of time, it is because new evidence is provided therefore changing the belief of what is considered ratio anal and what is considered to be irrational. Through the course of increased logical discourse and time, rationality and what one deems something as rational will continually evolve. Faith on the other hand, is belief that provides the best possible answers bas deed on scriptures and attempts to address the questions that science cannot. It's there e to provide the questions such as, â€Å"Why am I here? Or â€Å"What's my purpose on this earth? ‘. The is is the reason for why many accept religio n and faith into their lives. Many times humans De sire for purpose and reason for their lives. The theory of Existentialism and the brilliant minds of Albert Campus and Jean Paul State, articulate that humans possess an innate desire to create purpose in ones life. This wanting for purpose is satisfied through religion. Ultimately science awns errs the how, and faith answers the why it provides the purpose of everything in life, and the ever y essence of humans and their ultimate purpose.It is is evident that science deems that faith and reason are on the same page and essentially can be compared. However it is argued that the faith system and t he pursuit of rational answers to the universe are not on the same page. In fact, Francis Cool lines, director of the Human Genome Project states, â€Å"God gave us an opportunity through science to understand the natural world, but there will never be a scientific proof of God's existence† (Co Loins). It illuminates fact that scienc e is there not to contradict religion, but is there for the purpose of further understanding the world we live in.It's purpose is not to disprove relic ion, but instead to Kim 3 deepen our knowledge of the what we have already, the earth. It further sup rots the point that rational thinking and religion belong in two different domains and shows that the two are essentially two different scopes of looking at the world, from a spiritual stand point and both a rational standpoint. Furthermore Stephen Jay Gould, a famous evolutionary bi eulogist suggests of the existence of impoverishing magisterial (Gould). Gold's theory also know n as (NOAA) state that science and faith have separate teaching domains.This dissonance means that the findings and claims of both domain do not have to contradict each other. Pro egress in science does not have to disprove the teachings of religion. In the same way religion d goes not have to control every aspect of one's life. It demonstrates that besides t he initial leap of faith, what follows after has the potential to be rational as the existence of faith and ratio anally relate to two different domains. This is what it means to coexist separately. Therefore the p regress of rational thinking and science should not interfere with faith and vice versa.Essentially these two efferent domains are two different ways to come closer to, or attaining the Try HTH in their own respective fields. The assertion that faith does not cloud or bleed into the coo rise of logical thinking is made and emphasized quite heavily. In essence, the ideology that r elisions belief hinders one from rational thinking is disproved as it's heavily asserted that the e two belong in very different ballparks. Francis Collins, also indirectly refers to this theory of Gold's magisterial with the statement, â€Å"l was in a very reductionism frame of mind.The tats often what science imposes upon your thought process, and it's a good thing when you a ply it to the na tural world. But I sought to apply it to everything else. Obviously the spiritual world is another entity'. Collins admits that despite his numerous amount of years of science b 10th at Yale and the Human Genome Project, that the two domains of science and religion were is imply not meant to Kim 4 compliment or contradict each other. Ultimately, one can simply both be a sic intestine and a believer. Furthermore, it shows that both domains are indeed there and the d main of faith does not prevent progress through rational thinking.Therefore, when one claims t o believe, rational hinging is still present, because of the simple fact that the two belong in differ rent domains or region of thinking. There are of course the rare occasions when faith and reason do come together ere. This does not mean, however, that religion disproves rational thinking. Before the age o f Columbus, the rational way of thinking included the belief that the world was flat. A very pop alular and highly contro versial idea at the time, both rationality and religion produced the Sam e conclusion, that the world indeed was flat.This shows that despite the defined boundaries bet when reason and oath, that both can also hover on the same ideals. In the example of the world d being flat, both science and religion conformed to rational thinking that the world was flat (re member that rationality is what the best possible answer is based on the facts provided). D goes this not show that religion does not devalue rational thinking? It shows that religion does no t shun rational thinking, but rather is also another way of attaining the Truth.Thomas Aquinas s argues that faith and reason are just rather two methods but are related in that nature is sees initially God and the study of nature is to study God (Planting). Another instance where reason an d faith collide, is the theory of egocentricity. Rational thought at the time supported the hellion enteric theory based on the given evidence of past scholars. The institution who heavily supported this theory was none other than the Catholic Church. This can be seen as an act of irrational y that the Church did not base their decisions on the given evidences.However, this is not true as the works of supporters of the heliocentric theory remained hidden and censored, until we II after their own Kim 5 time. Once these works were discovered rationality would be altered as people now see that the Sun is the center and not the earth based on the provided evidence. It also go sees to show that rationality changes over time and ultimately takes time to change as evidence grows. Religion is seen as a concoction filled with emotion, and what better way to RI d oneself from rational thinking than to incorporate emotions?When one's emotions start to take control, one's thoughts and actions often become irrational. This being said, emotion and SE mentality often follow religion and faith, however even bigger than emotion, is action. Action s are a crucial part n almost every religion or philosophy. Without action nothing is achieved. As actions play a pivotal role in religion, emotions are irrelevant and can even be discouraged I n faith. Many times religion is institutionalized due to the supposed use of emotions and how h evilly religion relies on emotion. However this is not true at all.The basis Of religion is not s lowly based on emotions, but rather the actions and the strength or intimacy of faith that the individual carries. This goes to say however, that emotions aren't completely shunned by religion n, some are encouraged while others are discouraged completely. In Christianity the Ten Commandments that God provides humans with a set of guidelines that provided to the Israeli test the knowledge of certain actions and their moral values. It leaves out any aspect of emotion and are essentially just rules of what to do and what not to do.The word â€Å"do† immediately incisor orates actions and certain a cts but not emotions. Through an Eastern scope, the belief of actions and karma are a prime example. Furthermore religion goes about to shun certain emotions the at often bring about negative actions from humans through the verse â€Å"A fool gives full vent to his s rid, but a wise man quietly holds it back† (Proverbs 29:1 1). This popular verse depicts the rest train upon which Christianity places upon an individual. It shuns the expression of one's emotion NSA especially Kim 6 anger.Such restrictions on emotions are also present in Eastern philosophies and religions. In the religion of Hinduism, the discharge of emotions is evident. The fundamentals of Hinduism state that emotions hinder one from reaching the point of enlightenment. Further more emotions produce certain detrimental desires within an individual that prevents the par TTY from seeing the Truth; that emotions and personal desires are meaningless. Yes, religion does shun some emotions but not all emotions. Emot ions such a s happiness and euphoria are encouraged.But most if not all religions possess a unifying element of love and compassion (Jesus in Christianity, Shattered in Buddhism etc. ). Such a cone action begs to answer the question of whether or not such feelings incite irrational thin king, or if they re even emotions at all. Love is characterized by physical objects and actions. In a relic souse aspect the acts of Jesus Christ symbolize God's supposed love. If love is characterized by such acts, its more than safe to say that love is indeed an action and not an emotion. Love s shown through actions that symbolize the level of love that one possesses.But the deepest el veil of love is through sacrifice: and sacrifice is an action, therefore linking the overseen chaw in between love and actions. Through sacrifice one learns the value of love, and the greater the e sacrifice the greater strength Of love. However many believe that love is irrational, and that t is perfectly true, lov e itself is irrational, but the reasons why humans are rational according to social relationships s explained by Aristotle statement, â€Å"Man is by nature a social animal; an mind Vidal who is unsocial naturally and not accidentally is either beneath our notice or more the an human† (Rack).This quote shows that humans want if not need social interactions , such actions which include the essence of love. Therefore the need for love and further Soc ill interactions are justified as being rational. This justifies the rationality of why one chooses to Eve, or to embrace Kim 7 the concept of love. This unifying element of love also carries the implication t hat morally sound actions are heavily encouraged. The certain encouragement of morally sound behavior can be seen throughout all religions. The Buddhists describe this as dharma, and the Western belief perceives it as the Ten Commandments.The fact that such diverse religions c an come together on a single consensus that moral ly sound actions are essential to one's faith, provokes yet another question; the question of how such a phenomena can occur. Based o n the difference of the origins of these religions, it goes about to show that religions appeal to the e common interest Of people. This however, does not explain how or why certain extremists act the way the do. In such cases religion is seen as providing actions that resort to irrational action s.First off, remember that such extremists represent only a very small number of certain religious beliefs. Secondly, the actions of such extremists are fueled by their own interpretation NSA. Therefore, if the definition of rationality is defined as the product of the pursuit of knowledge, the interpretations of certain texts is one's own pursuit of knowledge. The late novelist and essays SST D. H. Lawrence States, â€Å"The human being is a most curious creature. † (Lawrence). The justifies Zion of such interpretations is essentially supported by thi s statement by Lawrence.The in trepidations of texts differ as different sects offer different answers to certain curiosities. Fur hormone, if an extremist no matter how extreme, is given the question of what is two plus two o, the answer will inevitably be four. Ultimately they would know and understand how and why two and two is four, even if they've never encountered the question before. They can prove t wrought the pursuit of logical thinking can they not? If they are capable of such actions it shows the at rational thinking is still present despite whatever faith they believe in. Essay Draft Actually one didn't even think at all. One was going by its instincts while the other was going by its knowledge. Now what's more more important knowledge of stuff, or being able to imagine the stuff. Let's say you're building a house. If you have knowledge you'll build a steady house, normal sized.With your imagination you could've imagined a mansion with a pool, home theater, etc. So what is more important. Essay: Very early in the story the narrator was talking about how cold it is, and how that's all that came to the mans head,† Oh,it's cold. † While the dog didn't know it was below freezing he could read a thermometer, he knew this was no time to be out, and he wondered why the man hasn't built a fire yet. The man kept walking and walking only thinking about how cold it is.In this case he dogs instincts win. Dog 1- Man O Next case scenario is when the man sends the dog to go up front and check if it's safe. The dog goes and falls on water, causing him to quickly lick his paws to get them heated so they wouldn't freeze and get numb. Now the dog didn't know what would happen if his feet got frozen, it was its instinct. The man also falls in water wetting his knees, he knew this would delay him an hour and that he had to build a fire.He got a fire starting but because he kept boning the tree to grab branches, the snow from atop the tree fell down on the fire. He got angry and tried to build another fire, but his feet and hands were badly frozen. There was nothing he could do. The dog's instincts win again. Dog 2-Man O Now there are many more scenarios and could keep going naming one by one then explaining but that will be boring. So IM going to shake things up a bit. The man has lots of knowledge as you know, but he doesn't have knowledge of the things surrounding him, as it's his first winter. Essay Draft Competitions are everywhere in our society. People compete against each other using deferent ways and effective behaviors. They stimulate people's creativities and Innovations. They help people promote their maximum potentials. Athletes practice and train hard to reach their goals. Companies cooperate and create Innovative products to change the world. Cakewalk does her best to learn and Improve with Dry. Larvae's help In order to win the national spelling bee competition while she feels incontinent competing against Dylan.However, competitions could bring up negative behaviors at the same time, depending what attitudes and behaviors people are holding In the competitions. Cheating Is s behavior when people try to win during a competition. Some people steal classical files and take advantage of others' secrets. In the movie of Cakewalk and the Bee, a competitors mother cheats in the competition, who tries to help her son go to the next round. In summary, competitions are two- sided s words. All kinds of behaviors show up in competitions.Cooperating, cheating ND practicing are behaviors that help them to succeed in the competitions. Cooperating is one of the significant behaviors in competitions. Under the pressure of competitions, competitors spontaneously learn from each other and unite as a larger group. For example, Nikkei and Apple are two top companies at their fields. As the society becomes more digitized, they cooperate and they share technologies. As a result, a pair of Nikkei shoes with high-tech chip can directly connect to Apple devices to record data. In the movie, Cakewalk is invited to Join a Spelling Bee Club at another school.She gets a chance to learn from her friends, who are also competitors. They share experiences and strategies and play interesting games. She improves her skills in the group. At the national spelling bee competition, Cakewalk misspells a word because she does not want to upset Dylan father. But Dylan does the same thing to h er. They compete fairly and they both get 25 champion words. Cooperation makes them succeed in sharing the champion. When people compete, they sometimes cooperate because it is the best way the maximize their advantages. Those people ho want to win so badly cheat.They try to take advantage of what they can get In the competition in inappropriate WAP to compete. For Instance, people use cellophane to find the answers or copy from others' paper while taking exams. Essay Draft 1 By Philanthropically different ways and effective behaviors. They stimulate people's creativities and innovations. They help people promote their maximum potentials. Athletes practice and train hard to reach their goals. Companies cooperate and create innovative products to change the world. Cakewalk does her best to learn and improve with Dry.Larvae's help in order to win the national spelling bee competition while she feels unconfined competing against Dylan. However, competitions could bring up negative hold ing in the competitions. Cheating is s behavior when people try to win during a In the movie of Cakewalk and the Bee, a competitor's mother cheats in the competition, Cooperating is one of the significant behaviors in competitions. Under the pressure who want to win so badly cheat. They try to take advantage of what they can get in the competition in inappropriate ways to compete. For instance, people use

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Hesiods Theogony And Genesis Essay - 1390 Words

Since the time of great antiquity and the Neolithic Revolution, humans across various parts of the globe have imagined and reimagined stories that aimed to explain the general idea of beginning. Humans have attempted to describe the beginning of the universe and its relationship to the gods; this is achieved primarily by the creation of origin stories and myths. Many of these stories and myths feature the prevailing stereotype that gods are omnipotent – Latin roots: omnis (all) and possum (able to); literally translated as able to [do] all things – and are equipped with extraordinary physical/mental strengths. This perception is intensively explored in Hesiod’s Theogony and The Genesis. Both illustrate the â€Å"beginning† from two different†¦show more content†¦Before the instigation of all the battles, Zeus â€Å"freed his uncles from their dreadful bonds,/ The sons of Heaven; his father, foolishly,/ Had bound them. They remembered gratitude/ A nd gave him thunder and the blazing bolt/ And lighting, which, before, vast Earth had hid† (Hesiod, 39). Military campaigns are hardly won without establishing alliances; similarly, Zeus knew that it is unwise and arguably impossible for him to fight the Titans, who are outnumbering him, using only his own hands. Therefore, freeing his uncles remains imperative for the victory of his war. It was as if he was obliged to do so, further emphasizing the fact that Zeus would not have been able to obtain his never-ending power alone. Not only Zeus that is contradicting the prevailing stereotype, but also other gods and goddesses (e.g. Gaia, Kottos, Gyes, and Briareus). When Ouranos and Gaia bore three sons, their sons were â€Å"insolent children, each with a hundred arms/ On his shoulders, darting about, untouchable,/ And each had fifty heads, standing upon/ His shoulders, over the crowded mass of arms† (Hesiod, 28). The reproduction process among gods are analogous to those of humans; reproducing is simple and cannot choose how their sons and daughters would come out like. Ouranos, the Heaven, in this case, did not appreciate the birth of his three sons – indicated by his â€Å"enjoyment [of his] wickedness† – andShow MoreRelatedComparing The Prometheus And Genesis1530 Words   |  7 Pagesmyth and the consequent chapters of Genesis, it is quite clear that how one views each piece is subject to their previous knowledge. Today, it is much easier to read Prometheus objectively. It would generally be safe to assume that no one in proximity is a worshipper of Zeus. Reading Genesis is fairly different. Everyone in North America, and most other parts of the world, have at least a very general idea of what Genesis says, or is believed to say. In this essay, the understanding of differencesRead MoreGreek Mythology : A Polytheistic Text And The Book Of Genesis1270 Words   |  6 Pagesto command. For the purpose of this essay, consequent ly, power is related to neither physical nor mental strength, but the ability to command, govern, keep order, and maintain obedience. This term and its definition is intensively explored in Hesiod’s Theogony – a polytheistic text – and The Book of Genesis – a monotheistic text. The two readings explain the beginning of two different cultures; Theogony elaborates the beginning of Greek mythology while Genesis centers around the beginning of Judeo-ChristianRead MoreComparisons Of Ancient Cosmogonies, Platonic And Biblical Cosmogonies2008 Words   |  9 PagesCosmogonies Cosmogony myths and stories are seen throughout many cultures and religions and more often then not they overlap with one another sharing many similarities. Although they share similarities they can also have stark differences. This essay will look at the similarities and differences of the Hesiodic, Platonic and Biblical cosmogonies and why this may be, focusing on divine craftsmanship/creation of the world, the creation of man and woman and paradise and the humans fall from it. Read MoreCosmic Creation Myths Across Cultures1978 Words   |  8 Pageselements that are not in the version of the story in our reading. Write a response to each of the prompts, not as an essay, and number each response to correspond to the prompt. Write in complete sentences and full paragraphs so that your points in each prompt stand on their own (that is, do not assume your reader has read the assignment directions), but do not write an essay. The complete assignment should have a word count of 800 to 1400 words (not including the title page, references page,Read MoreHindu Mythology2128 Words   |  9 Pagesmyth of Hinduism as I am a Hindu myself. I shall begin by creating a clear understanding of Hinduism thereafter proceeding on to discuss the various creation myths of this culture as well as its many religious beliefs. Finally, I will conclude my essay. Hinduism is currently followed by one fifth of humankind. (A Michaels, 2004: 12) It is a religious tradition of Indian origin, embracing the beliefs and practices of Hindus. Hinduism is a religion of diverse gods and goddesses. It comprises elaborate